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treatment citation Hendrixson, BRENT E. & Bond, Jason E., 2005, Two sympatric species of Antrodiaetus from southwestern North Carolina (Araneae, Mygalomorphae, Antrodiaetidae), Zootaxa 872, pp. 1-19: 4
publication ID zt00872
link to original citation http://www.mapress.com/zootaxa/2005f/zt00872.pdf
treatment provided by Jeremy
persistent identifier http://treatment.plazi.org/id/9B0161D8-8A12-93CC-57A1-35E6670E9845
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scientific name Antrodiaetus
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Genus Antrodiaetus Ausserer 1871

Antrodiaetus Ausserer 1871: 136; Coyle, 1971: 331-332. Type species by monotypy, Mygale unicolor Hentz.

Acattyma L. Koch 1878: 760 (synonymized by Yaginuma 1960). Type species by monotypy, Acattyma roretzi L. Koch.

Brachybothrium Simon 1884: 314 (synonymized with Antrodiaetus by Kishida 1930). Type species by subsequent designation (Simon 1892), Brachybothrium pacificum Simon.

Nidivalvata Atkinson 1886: 129 (synonymized with Brachybothrium by Simon 1890). Type species by subsequent designation (Coyle 1971), Nidivalvata marxii Atkinson.

Anthrodiaetus Ausserer: Simon 1890: 312 (unjustified emendation).

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