Smith, F., 1858, Catalogue of the hymenopterous insects in the collection of the British Museum. Part VI. Formicidae., London: British Museum, pp. -1--1: 172-173

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Genus 3. PHEIDOLE  HNS  .

Pheidole  HNS  , Westw. Ann. & Mag. Nat. Hist. vi. 8/ (1841). Oecophthora  HNS  , Heer, Ueber die Hausameise Madeir. (1852).

Head large in the worker major, of moderate size in the other sexes. Mandibles very strong, the inner edge oblique, without teeth in the large worker, toothed in the small worker. Maxil- lary palpi 2-jointed; labial palpi 2-jointed. Antennae 12-jointed in the females, large and small workers. Thorax narrower than the head, much more so in the large workers. Wings with two complete submarginal cells, and one complete discoidal cell; the metathorax usually with two short spines. The anterior tibias in the females, large and small workers, with a pectinate spine at their apex.

We have compared numerous examples of Oecophthora  HNS  with specimens of Pheidole providens  HNS  , and cannot find the differences mentioned by Professor Heer; there is no difference in the relative length of the first joint of the tarsus; the mandibles are equally acute at their apex; in all generic characters they pre- cisely correspond. We have not seen the males of either of the types, but as other sexes agree in every particular, we have in- cluded in one genus all such species as possess the characters above given.