Apterostigma mayri Forel pallidum , Neal A. Weber, University of North Dakota, 1936

Neal A. Weber, University of North Dakota, 1936, The biology of the fungus-growing ants. Part. I. New forms. 1, Revista de Entomologia 7, pp. 378-409: 388-389

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Apterostigma mayri Forel pallidum

var. nov.

Apterostigma mayri Forel pallidum  HNS  , var. nov.

Worker: Length 2.5-2.7 mm. - A distinctly paler variety. The color is a pale grayish ferruginous compared with the dark brown of the typical form. The mesonotal and especially the gastric carinae are more distinct.

Female (dealate): Length 3.3 mm. - Color and sculpture as in the worker. Pale ferruginous compared with rich dark brown in dealate females of the typical form.

Described from one female and two workers taken by myself May 25, 1935, near the foot of the Northern Range north of Tunapuna, Trinidad, B. W. I.