Apterostigma wasmanni Forel icta

Neal A. Weber, University of North Dakota, 1936, The biology of the fungus-growing ants. Part. I. New forms. 1, Revista de Entomologia 7, pp. 378-409: 393

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Apterostigma wasmanni Forel icta


Apterostigma wasmanni Forel icta  HNS  , subsp, nov.

Female (dealate): Length 3.8 mm. - Dealate females of the typical form from the same island are about 4.6 mm. long. In addition to size this subspecies differs in having the head more smooth, the frontal groove between the lobes deeper and wider at the base, the lobes of the anterior margin of the pronotum higher and more prominent, the tubercles of the scutellum posteriorly enclosing a semicircle instead pf the longitudinal half of an ellipse, the dorsal surface of the postpetiole distinctly concave, and the gaster much less strongly marginate.

Pilosity of moderately abundant long hairs, which are reclinate, and somewhat sparse appressed pubescence. - Dark brown, appendages ferruginous.

Described from one female taken by myself January 3, 1935, a few miles south-east of Rio Claro village, Trinidad, B. W. I., in heavy forest. This form may deserve to rank as distinct species allied to wasmanni  HNS  when the other castes become known.