Polyrhachis villipes

Smith, F., 1857, Catalogue of the hymenopterous insects collected at Sarawak, Borneo; Mount Ophir, Malacca; and at Singapore, by A. R. Wallace., Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London, Zoology 2, pp. 42-88: 61

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Polyrhachis villipes


11. Polyrhachis villipes  HNS  .

P. niger; thorace spinis duabus elongatis acutis antice armato; abdominis squamula spinis duabus longis acutis, singulis basi minute unispinosis, pedibus pubescentibus.

Worker. Length 3 1/2 - 4 lines. Black: the head and thorax longitudinally delicately aciculate; eyes ovate, very prominent, situated high on the sides of the head, the head narrowed posteriorly; the carinae on the face much elevated; the palpi pale rufo-testaceous. Thorax: armed in front with two long acute divergent spines; posteriorly unarmed; the superior surface flattened, distinctly divided by two transverse sutures, and having a curved decline to the verge of the truncation of the metathorax; legs elongate, with a thin clothing of erect pubescence. Abdomen smooth, shining, and sprinkled with erect black hairs; the surface of the peduncle in front subquadrate, narrowed at the base, the superior angles with long acute divergent spines, which have a minute spine at their base outside. Hab. Borneo (Sarawak).