Smith, F., 1857, Catalogue of the hymenopterous insects collected at Sarawak, Borneo; Mount Ophir, Malacca; and at Singapore, by A. R. Wallace., Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London, Zoology 2, pp. 42-88: 79

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Gen. Echinopla  HNS  .

Head transverse; eyes small, placed laterally, high on the head; antennae 12-jointed, inserted forwards on the head, wide apart; the labial palpi 4-jointed, the three basal ones of about equal length, clavate; the apical joint as long as the two preceding joints united; the maxillary palpi 5-jointed, elongate, the three apical joints long and slender, the two basal ones much shorter and stouter; mandibles short, stout, and of equal width throughout, armed with five stout teeth. Thorax oblong-quadrate; legs of moderate length; tarsi 5-jointed; each tibia armed with a single spine at the apex. Abdomen globose; peduncle formed of a single node; the first segment very large, concealing the other segments beneath it.