Myrmica Latreille

Ward, P. S., 2005, A synoptic review of the ants of California (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)., Zootaxa 936, pp. 1-68: 34-35

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Myrmica Latreille


Genus Myrmica Latreille  HNS 

This is a Holarctic genus of ground-nesting ants, with generalized foraging habits. Like most members of the genus, the California species are found predominantly in temperate habitats such as coniferous forests and montane meadows, but one rare species ( M. rugiventris (M. R. Smith))  HNS  occurs in chaparral, oak woodland and coastal scrub. A revision of the Nearctic species is in preparation by Andr√© Francoeur.

Species identification: keys in Creighton (1950a), Wheeler and Wheeler (1986g) and Mackay and Mackay (2002). Additional references: Bolton (1988a), Evans (1995, 1996a, 1996b), Francoeur (2005), Radchenko (1994a, 1994d), Seifert (1988b), Weber (1939b, 1947b, 1948a, 1950c).