Leptogenys Roger

Yoshimura, M. & Fisher, B. L., 2007, A revision of male ants of the Malagasy region (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): Key to subfamilies and treatment of the genera of Ponerinae., Zootaxa 1654, pp. 21-40: 34

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Leptogenys Roger


Leptogenys Roger  HNS  , 1861

(Figs. 7, 8f)

Males winged. Scrobe absent. Mandible reduced in size. Basal cavity of mandible extending to its front face and visible in full-face view. Notauli impressed on mesoscutum in most species. Mesepimeron bears distinct (epimeral) lobe posterodorsally, lobe covering mesothoracic spiracle and appearing to form isolated plate. Dorsolateral corner of petiole in anterior view without distinct projections. Dorsal margin of petiole in anterior view gently rounded, not forming a conical or pointed apex. Apical margin of abdominal tergum VIII occasionally featuring down-curved projection (Fig.8f). Jugal lobe of hind wing absent in most species. Each middle and hind tibia with two spurs. Pretarsal claw multidentate to pectinate.

Remarks. The multidentate or pectinate claws (Fig. 7b) easily separate this genus from other Malagasy ponerine males.