Jerdon, T. C., 1851, A catalogue of the species of ants found in southern India., Madras Journal of Literature and Science 17, pp. 103-127: 111

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Gen. Eciton  HNS  .

The characters cf this genus are thus given by St. Fargeau. " Antennae entirely free, head elongated, and the thorax without " spines; maxillary palpi long, of 6 joints; jaws linear; wings " unknown. " I have got four species of Ant which perhaps may be ranged under this genus, of which only one species is described, and that from South America, but it is more than probable that they will form a new genus to which however I will not attempt to impose a name. My species have a long slender body, oblong head, large eyes, short antennae, inserted very near the mouth, linear or oblong jaws, and sting very severely.