Donisthorpe, H. S. J. K., 1946, A new genus and species of Formicidae (Hym.) from Mauritius., Proceedings of the Royal Entomological Society of London 15, pp. 145-147: 145

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sp. n.

Dodous  HNS  gen. n.

Subfamily Myrmicinae  HNS  : tribe Solenopsidini  HNS  .

[[ worker ]]. Mandibles armed with three teeth at apex; clypeus dentate; maxillary palpi 1 - jointed; labial palpi 1 - jointed; antennae 11 - jointed, club 3 - jointed; pronotum, meso-notum and epinotum each armed with a pair of spines; mesonotum separated from pronotum and epinotum; petiole long, pedunculate, furnished with a node; post petiole very slightly broader than petiole.

[[ male]. Mandibles undeveloped; antennae 12 - jointed; mayrian furrows indistinct, epi-notum unarmed. Fore-wing: one cubital, open radial cell present; lower margin lobate.

Genotype: Dodous trispinosus  HNS  sp. n.