Centromyrmex feae (Emery)

Bolton, B. & Fisher, B. L., 2008, Afrotropical ants of the ponerine genera Centromyrmex Mayr, Promyopias Santschi gen. rev. and Feroponera gen. n., with a revised key to genera of African Ponerinae (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)., Zootaxa 1929, pp. 1-37: 25

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Centromyrmex feae (Emery)


Centromyrmex feae (Emery)  HNS 

Spalacomyrmex feae Emery  HNS  , 1889: 491 (worker). [Combination in Centromyrmex  HNS  by Emery, 1890b: 40 (footnote). Description of queen and male: Forel, 1900: 303; further description of male: Wheeler, 1936: 207. Senior synonym of Centromyrmex donisthorpei Menozzi  HNS  , 1925: 443 (queen): synonymy by Brown, 1955: 103.]

Centromyrmex feae subsp. ceylonicus Forel  HNS  , 1900: 303 (worker and male).

Centromyrmex feae subsp. greeni Forel  HNS  , 1901: 325 (worker). [Originally described as C. greeni  HNS  ; reduced to subspecies of feae  HNS  by Emery, 1911: 58.]

This is the nominal species of the mostly Afrotropical C. feae  HNS  group, the diagnosis and discussion of which is given above. It is suspected that a close analysis offeae and its subspecies will reveal more than one real species concealed under this name.