Pristomyrmex divisus Wang

Zettel, H., 2006, On the ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of the Philippine Islands: I. The genus Pristomyrmex Mayr, 1866., Myrmecologische Nachrichten 8, pp. 59-68: 62

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Pristomyrmex divisus Wang


Pristomyrmex divisus Wang  HNS  , 2003

No material examined.

Diagnosis of worker: TL 3.0 - 3.4 mm. Eye of moderate size, 8 - 10 ommatidia in longest row. Frontal carina short, not extending to level of posterior margin of eye. Lateral portions of clypeus not reduced. Masticatory margin of mandible with diastema. Dorsum of head foveolate, of alitrunk smooth and with some rugae. Pronotal spines absent, propodeal spines long. Petiole with long peduncle not clearly separated from short and high node.

Previous records from the Philippines: Negros Oriental (Dumagete [type locality]) (WANG 2003).

General distribution: endemic to Philippines.