Cyphomyrmex flavidus Pergande

Kempf, W. W., 1966, A revision of the Neotropical fungus-growing ants of the genus Cyphomyrmex Mayr. Part II. Group of rimosus (Spinola) (Hym. Formicidae)., Studia Entomologica (N. S.) 8, pp. 161-200: 172

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Cyphomyrmex flavidus Pergande


3. Cyphomyrmex flavidus Pergande  HNS 

Cyphomyrmex flavidus Pergande  HNS  , 1895, Proc. Calif. Acad. Sc. (2) 5: 895 (Worker; Mexico, Nayarit: Tepic, Santiago Ixcuintla). - Wheeler, 1907: 726-7 (Worker). - Weber, 1940: 409 (Worker; key).

Types. - Workers collected by Eisen and Vaslit at Tepic and Santiago Ixcuintla in Nayarit State, Mexico; presumably deposited in the U. S. National Museum. No specimens seen. Wheeler (1907) redescribed the species upon a syntype worker. From this description the ensuing information may be gleaned:

Worker. - Rather close to wheeleri  HNS  , with the same reticulate-punctate integument. The differences from wheeleri  HNS  are as follows: petiole and postpetiole strikingly transverse, the former lacking the postero-dorsal pair of teeth; occipital corners broadly truncate, with the apex of the antennal scrobe rectangular, not rounded; antennal scapes a little projecting beyond scrobe; thoracic ridges and projections much bluner; frontal lobes, posteriorly, with a triangular depression in its surface. Size and color as in wheeleri  HNS  . Inasmuch as Wheeler does not mention them, the midpronotal tubercles seem to be lacking also.

The present species is not included in the key.